Posted by: Amy | January 20, 2009

Google Better

How many times a day do you use Google search?  The following video has some great tips on how to search more efficiently.  There are some notes at the end to help you remember.

This is not meant to take the place of the video, but might help you remember some of the tips explained.

Google Search Tips

  1. use double quotes or dashes for specific phrases
  2. use minu sign to exclude words or sites
  3. google will spell correct
  4. use the plus sign if you don’t want spell correction of odd words
  5. recognizes tracking numbers, flight numbers, international times (time in Zurich)
  6. natural logarithms
  7. currency conversions (five dollars in yen)
  8. define: colleague
  9. file types   (civil war filetype:ppt)  or doc or jpg  any file type
  10. fill in the blank (Mt. Everest is * feet high)
  11. number range search (mt. everest base camps 10000..20000)
  12. price range search (DVD $100..$300)
  13. movie title and zip code will search for that movie in that zip code
  14. site: search will return site specific results ( site: gov mortgages) will return only government sites (site: edu technology) or (site: exploratorium weather)

Happy searching!


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